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Software Defined Infrastructure is the definition of technical computing infrastructure entirely under the control of software with no operator or human intervention. It operates independent of any hardware-specific dependencies and is programmatically extensible. The concept refers to the ability to define your application requirements from the infrastructure (both functional and non-functional requirements) and have physical implementation of the hardware require to deliver those requirements automatically derived and provisioned.

But SDI’s is more then only software running on top of legacy hardware. To become agile, flexible and scalable in a fully automated way you need to look at every building block in your environment and take the right decision when defining the right project.

The most important building blocks of an Software Defined Infrastructure are:

  • Software Defined Compute
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Automation & Orchestration layer
  • IT-as-a-Service Consumption model
  • Infrastructure & Application Analytics

Software Defined Compute is not just a traditional x86 server concept with on top of it an overlay software to deploy resources in a virtual or physical environment. A Real SDC solution has to be build from the ground up, where software is the most important piece of the solution and where compute nodes just need to deliver the performance. Cisco Unified Computing is such a groundbreaking solution which can be seen as true Software Defined Computing Technology.

In a Software Defined Infrastructure environment storage plays a very important role. The ability to combine Compute power and storage into 1 solution gives you an important advantage in the simplification of your complete infrastructure. Cisco HyperFlex has a unique concept of Combining Software Defined Compute and Software Defined Storage in an flexible, scalable and agile all-in-one solution.

Networking has different identities. Starting from the access layer towards datacenters. Cisco has the unique ability to provide customers with a full Software Defined Networking portfolio, starting from the Access Layer with Software Defined Access up to the Datacenter with Application Centric Infrastructure, all combined with full infrastructure Automation & Orchestration tools.

If you a Automated, Simplified, Scalable and Agile infrastructure you can start thinking about delivering your IT as a Service Consumption Model. Creation a Self-Service portal for users who can consume IT and even non-IT related services will give you as an IT department the right visibility within your company and towards your end users. Cisco’s Prime Service Catalog will deliver these features and much more through the integration with your existing tools.

If you have such a self-driving infrastructure combined with the right security solutions like Cisco ISE,  the real business value comes into play. Being able to inspect every pakket, every flow gives your the full visibility end-to-end, from starting from your Application downwards to the physical infrastructure layer.

All of the above is not only a visionary approach, but a realistic framework for your next infrastructure based on Cisco’s 2 main strategies.

The ASAP Datacenter strategy and the Digital Network Architecture.

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Do you want an Infrastructure that constantly learns, adapts and protects, then Cisco will be you best bet! Your Infrastructure. Intuitive!